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O.H. Partners and Matter Films Win an Emmy Award for Short Film

O.H. Partners and Matter Films were honored with a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award in the Public Service Category.

Together, the teams created a short film for the Arizona Department of Health Services focused on the positive effects of smoking cessation.

Research shows people can feel the health benefits of a smoking-free life within an hour. And when they continue to be smoke-free, the health benefits keep adding up so they can live a long and healthy life. Using that as inspiration, the O.H. team crafted a visual story that follows a man, for 15 years, after the moment he decides to give up smoking. During the film, the viewer sees the health benefits the man is experiencing. As he goes through his life, he gets married, has a child with his wife, and enjoys a long life–something he may not have experienced had he not given up smoking.

The work has been widely acclaimed among other health departments for its unique and groundbreaking style and messaging. In addition to the Emmy Award, the film also won Best of Show in the 2022 AAF Award Show.

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